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Reaction Design Chemkin Pro v15.13.1

Reaction Design Chemkin Pro v15.13.1

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Reaction Path Analyzer
Particle Tracking Module
Flame Extinction Model
Multi-Zone Engine Model
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CHEMKIN-PRO includes core solver enhancements that cut simulation times from days to hours or hours to minutes for complex models with large mechanisms making it as much as 25 times faster than previous versions of CHEMKIN – more than an order of magnitude faster than competing codes in demanding applications.

CHEMKIN-PRO’s wide array of accurate, fast and robust kinetic models make it the most trusted kinetic simulation tool for asking “what if …” questions in the conceptual design phase. Engineers can quickly explore the impact of design variables on performance, pollutant emissions and flame extinction using large, accurate fuel models and gain the results they need to make key product development decisions.
Reaction Path Analyzer
Understand which reactions most impact your results using CHEMKIN-PRO’s Reaction Path Analyzer. This powerful capability visualizes important information about the reactions that are taking place in the simulation. Details are provided on the forward and backward reaction rates and the absolute rates of production.

This understanding allows:

Identification of dominant pathways
Determination of pathways contributing to pollutant formation
Determination of changes in pathways due to variation of operating conditions
Guiding of mechanism reduction efforts
product:Reaction Design Chemkin Pro v15.13.1