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Templates: Default templates for 2.5D Mill operations
Default templates are set in InventorCAM settings > when new operation is created these templates are used
Useful for example to have a default starting Tool

Quick Start settings – Skip “New CAM-part” dialog
Options in SolidCAM settings to skip the first New CAM-part dialog with default values
Enables the user to start directly adding operations in a new Part

Feed units: mm/rev or mm/min by default
Define default feed type for new CAM-parts in InventorCAM settings

CAM tree: Advanced sorting of operations
Possibility to sort operations in CAM-tree by tool number and tool properties (Diameter, Tool Type)

CAM-tree: Show Tool Offset numbers
Show Tool Offset numbers in CAM-tree

Operations: Additional parameters to INFO dialog
Show Cutting depth information and Additional tool data in Info dialog

Operations: Description of parameters in GUI
Description of user-defined parameters is now visible inside the operation

Generate G-code per operation
Generate separate file of G-code per each operation

Use split name as G-code file name
Use name of Split as name of G-code file

Stock: Take target model dimensions by default
When Stock definition mode is set to Absolute Coordinates – dimensions of Target model will be taken automatically

High precision of box for CoordSys definition (facetting)
\”High precision\” for box (facetting) set to ON always during CoordSys definition

Rotate model to isometric in CoordSys manager
Rotate model to isometric view when clicking on CoordSys in CoordSys manager

Defaults through Settings for Feed Link, Lead in, Lead out
Possibility to define defaults through Settings for Feed Link, Lead In and Lead Out

MCO: Faster action definition
Double click on the item in the „Action on…“ list automatically adds this item to the Process list.

Machine ID: Change language of VMID
Possibility to show MachineID editor fields in any language, independent from main installation language
Product:INVENTRCAM 2015 SP3 HF3