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Materialise MAGICS RP v19

Materialise is a leader in Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D Printing) and our aim is a better and healthier world.
Expertise at Your Fingertips

For this latest Magics release, many features such as labeling and cutting have been improved, and the reporting functionality has been upgraded to give you more control over how quotations are generated. In addition, we are introducing a whole range of exciting new features such as:

the speed dial, for quick access to your most used functions
new marking options
a new renderer
milling offset
labeling through option
Boolean undercut

Additional Module Upgrades

Several modules have also been upgraded as part of this new release.

The SinterModule has been expanded by adding a slice distribution option for the 3D nester. This allows you to focus on part quality and, thanks to the new built-in mechanism, you can avoid interlocking parts after nesting.

New marking tools have been added to the Support Generation (SG) module to provide more flexibility and control during the generation of supports. SG profiles have also been introduced, creating a more flexible solution when using multiple materials on your machines or building different types of parts. To complete Magics’ Support Generation toolbox, a new Tree Supports module has been added, which is aimed at jewelry applications and/or heat conduction for industrial metal applications.

Rounding out these new advanced functionalities are slice-based structures, 3D textures and 3-maticSTL Lightweights compatibility. These new functions will allow you to take full advantage of the power of our Build Processor technology.
product:Materialise MAGICS RP v19