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Materialise 3-matic 9.0 STL

Make Design Modifications Directly on STL, Scanned and CAD Data

3-maticSTL offers design modification, design simplification, 3D texturing, remeshing, forward engineering, and much more, all on an STL level.
ith 3-maticSTL you can:

prepare your data for a quick and efficient finite element analysis;
design or repair missing or badly scanned components;
efficiently create textures, perforations and patterns on your STL data. Start from a 3D bitmap to be converted into textures or from a single pattern element to design an elaborate 3D patterning;
design impressive lightweight structures that lower weight without compromising on strength or that allow you to create variable flexibility and rigidness within a part;
efficiently change your design so that it can be tested in a wind tunnel
OUT NOW! 3-maticSTL 9.0

With this latest release, we took many of our customers\’ suggestions into account. The main priorities for our users were to focus on rendering, robustness, usability and new design functionalities. 3-maticSTL 9.0 will enable you to create watertight designs that will ensure the 3D print quality of your parts.
New key features and improvements

New rendering with a ruler to allow faster manipulation and visualization of models
Automatic rib pattern – creates a clean rib structure that conforms to the 3D model
Point-based patterning – create an overall pattern in one click
Randomized porous structures
Conformal structures following the geometry of the 3D model
2D UV page for easy positioning of the 2D texture
Slice-based texturing – export a 2D texture to the Magics Build Processor, which handles the slicing of even large 2D textures.
product:Materialise 3-matic 9.0 STL