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RM Bridge Advanced V8i is comprehensive 2D/3D/4D software used by bridge engineers for bridges of all types, materials, and construction methods. A fully integrated modeling, analysis, and design process and rapid results processing bring economy to bridge design. RM Bridge Advanced produces deliverables derived directly from the models being analyzed – improving bridge constructability and ensuring smooth project delivery.

All-in-One Bridge System
RM Bridge Advanced follows an iterative modeling and analysis process that gives users remarkable flexibility in the bridge design process. It puts an end to costly start-over tasks that occur in midstream and has the added benefit of ensuring that an efficient and balanced project is delivered. This enables engineers to achieve extreme accuracy and go to unprecedented levels of analytical exploration and simulation. The software provides seamless support for required international design codes.

RM Bridge Advanced is the core software of the RM Bridge family, which offers integrated modules for bridge engineering and construction. RM Bridge software comprises a selection of advanced modules for the intensive analysis requirements of complex bridge types, such as long-span cable-stayed and suspension bridges. Add-on modules address specialized activities such as advanced earthquake analysis, rolling stock analysis, erection control, simulation of wind-tunnel tests, wind buffeting, as well as a variety of construction and fabrication methods such as incremental launching, in-situ casting, and others.

Develop a Complete Bridge Project
RM Bridge Advanced with special add-on modules addresses all types of bridges, from reinforced and pre-stressed concrete to steel and composite bridges, arch bridges, suspension and cable-stayed bridges, and more. It performs consistent, time-dependent analysis of creep and shrinkage and steel relaxation. Users can analyze the deformability of the superstructure and consider in detail the used construction methods and sequences as well as in teractions between the superstructure and substructure or structure and soil.

RM Bridge Advanced is an iterative system that provides engineers broad flexibility in the development of a complete bridge project, saving time and improving project delivery. Complete static and dynamic analysis capabilities help them address virtually any structural issue. The ability to model time-dependent material effects and analyze construction staging provides distinct competitive advantages. Expert parametric geometry definition and control, as well as easy modification, aid in construction management, erection simulation, and seismic analysis. Users can even provide project stakeholders with open, browser-like access to the bridge design project for viewing, redlining, printing, and plotting. Batch and interactive mode as well as programming capabilities make the application very attractive for quick and easy use. Connection to Bentley inspection applications highlights RM Bridge as an all in one solution – even in the maintenance process of the bridge life cycle.