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Bentley Substation V8i SS7

Integrated Electrical and Physical Design for Intelligent Substation Infrastructure

Bentley Substation addresses the challenges of electric substation design with an integrated set of capabilities that make the design process faster, easier, and more efficient. Bentley Substation combines intuitive 3D modeling, electrical design functionality, and automatic bill of materials and report generation, all working together to get your project completed, approved, and online in the shortest possible time. The product operates in conjunction with a powerful engineering content management system to facilitate brownfield and greenfield design workflows. Bentley Substation is a valuable productivity tool for utilities, engineering firms (EPCs), and rail owner-operators who design and operate substation infrastructure.
Bentley Substation enables intelligent substation design through a model-centric approach that unites physical and electrical design disciplines while providing productivity tools specifically for electric substation design. There are many standard drawings involved in substation design including single-line, physical layout, schematics, panel layout, and wiring diagrams. Traditional CAD-centric design is focused on creating the set of standard drawings through independent drafting efforts. This wastes significant time and introduces errors as engineers must manually translate drawings, establish consistency, and manage changes across multiple drawings.

In contrast, design with Bentley Substation focuses on the assembly of an intelligent substation model that is an integrated representation of all design disciplines. The model is built through the creation of 3D substation layouts, which support the development of 2D drawings that are linked and cross referenced. As the model is completed, it automatically seeds related drawings, eliminating the need to manually replicate common design elements across physical and electrical disciplines. All drawings are associated with the intelligent model, allowing changes in one drawing to be automatically propagated across disciplines and related drawings.

The intelligent substation model assembled in Bentley Substation also enables tools that improve design productivity. Unlike the graphics-only drawings created with traditional CAD-centric design, intelligent substation model drawings are comprised of objects that possess properties of the equipment they represent, the wiring connections they support, and the engineering principles that govern design. Wires are treated as wires rather than as graphical lines; they break and heal automatically as symbols are placed or removed. Hook points connect related objects, so they automatically snap together. Every object is linked to a parts database, enabling the automatic and accurate generation of the bills of material and other documents. Built-in error checking reports conditions including short circuits, gaps in the circuit, duplicate device identifiers, duplicate wire numbers, missing part numbers, missing cross-references, and overassignment of contacts.

Collectively, these Bentley Substation advantages enable a significant step forward in design efficiency
Product:Bentley Substation V8i SS7