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Gemcom Whittle v4.4.1

hittle Module Descriptions

As a Whittle customer, you can select the features that are right for your needs. You can extend Whittle by adding new modules as your needs grow.

Download Whittle Modules Overview
Standard Whittle Modules
Core Essential functionality for pit optimisation and benchmark scheduling.
Multi-Analysis Unique ability to organise multiple analyses within a single project.
Multi-Element Enables the incorporation of up to 30 elements that can be used for modelling physical, economic or geological factors.
Advanced Analysis Easy to use graphs and templates facilitate extensive analysis of sensitivities and risk.

Life-of-Mine Scheduling Modules
Milawa Algorithm Automatically schedules up to 10 push backs to target maximum NPV or balance ore and waste production.
Push Back 50 Extends the Milawa Algorithm’s capabilities to support up to 50 push backs during scheduling.
NPV Practical Push Backs
Also includes:
– Push Back Chooser
– Mining Width Realises potential value with push backs that target NPV and mining width.

Multi-Mine Supports scheduling from multiple mines.

Simultaneous Optimisation
Simultaneous Optimisation

Simultaneous Optimisation is the latest advancement in strategic mine planning. It optimises multiple mine controls in a single step and increases NPV by up to 25%.

Watch a Webinar on Simultaneous Optimisation and an interview with strategic mine planning expert Gerald Whittle.
Stockpiles and Cut-offs

Optimises cut-off strategy and stockpile utilisation.
Product:Gemcom Whittle v4.4.1