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Bentley Civil Content for Visualisation v08.11.07.05

Digital assistance has helped to improve the time efficiency of construction work on Cianbro’s oil refinery modules in Maine. Report by Jo Stimpson.

Reinvention has been a cornerstone of Cianbro’s work for Motiva’s expansion of the Port Arthur crude oil refinery in Texas − one of the largest refineries in the United States. Cianbro was contracted to build 54 modules for the refinery, each five storeys high, 37m long and weighing 800t.

Based on the site of a disused paper mill, Cianbro’s construction facility in Brewer, Maine, revitalised the community when it opened, employing over 500 people and helping to regenerate the area.

The same ethos of reinvention has been put at the heart of Cianbro’s work thanks to the way it has embraced IT. Bentley’s ConstructSim was the software chosen for the project. Cianbro has used the programme to reinvigorate its practices in a number of different ways, making the work more productive, more cost-effective and more time-efficient.
Product:Bentley Civil Content for Visualisation v08.11.07.05