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ELYSIUM CADdoctor NX & CATIA V5 & I-DEAS plugins

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CADdoctor for NX

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Interactive tool for PDQ checking, automatic healing, and quality guarantee stamping for NX data

CADdoctor for NX

CADdoctor for NX allows users to validate and repair 3D CAD data from within Seimens NX. Implementing CADdoctor for NX early in the design phase will help NX users at any level improve efficiency throughout the manufacturing enterprise.

You can be assured of accurate, validated CAD data at every stage of product lifecycle management (PLM).

PDQ Validation

NX users can operate PDQ validation using Check-Mate. Based on Elysium’s years of experience, and in light of NX’s specialties, CADdoctor for NX ensures reliable PDQ validation. It allows users to validate 27 critical check items including 20 most important items which comply with SASIG.


Elysium’s accumulated CAD data healing technology enables automatic regeneration of perfect NX data. CADdoctor for NX provides functions that do more than remove errors—it thoroughly reviews and repairs the geometry so that the CAD data can be utilized in the next stage in the CAD data flow.

Compatibility with Elysium Family of Products

CADdoctor for NX is capable of file level compatibility with Elysium family of products which include CADdoctor, a full functionally 3D geometry healing and modification tool, and ASFALIS, for automated CAD conversion.

Assist I-deas NX to NX Migration

CADdoctor for NX can easily identify issues caused by tolerance differences and greatly reduces the time to create a perfect model that passes PDQ checks. I-deas allows only one fixed tolerance per model. However NX has a tolerant modeling function which allows users to set varying tolerances within one model. These different methods of handling tolerances can cause problems with PDQ issues when migrating I-deas NX data to NX by the standard conversion tool.
Product:ELYSIUM CADdoctor NX & CATIA V5 & I-DEAS plugins