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Rocscience Slide v6.025

Transient Groundwater

transient groundwater analysis

compute safety factor at each stage

time dependent boundary conditions

view groundwater and stability results at each stage

Rapid Drawdown

Duncan, Wright, Wong 3 stage

Army Corps Engineering 2 stage


improved B-bar method

Material Properties

Generalized Anisotropic Strength

phi b for water pressure grids

water content versus suction for transient analysis

direct link from material properties dialog to RocData or RocLab to assist with input of material parameters

paste data from RocData or RocLab into material properties dialog

for the simple permeability model can now choose a function based on soil type (Define Hydraulic Properties)

Search Methods

simulated annealing (Surface Options > Non-Circular > Search Method)

auto refine search for non-circular (Surface Options > Non-Circular > Search Method)

multiple group option for block search to simultaneously search multiple regions (Surface Options > Non-Circular > Block Search)

define maximum concave angle for optimization search (Surface Options > Non-Circular > Optimize)

Project Settings

changes and improvements to dialog (e.g. tabs replaced by list)

units of measurement (permeability units and time)

Eurocode 7 design standard

project summary


Change Slope Angle option

Geometry Cleanup option

Copy, Scale, Rotate boundaries

Convert Boundary option

Coordinate table for entering / editing coordinates (Boundaries > Edit)

coordinate entry mode for entering relative or polar coordinates in prompt line

improved options for defining arcs and circle

transient groundwater mode for defining transient conditions

tabs at lower left of view for switching modes (slope stability, steady state groundwater, transient groundwater)


consider shear capacity and/or compression capacity for grouted tiebacks or soil nails (Define Support Properties)

micro pile force direction – apply parallel to slip surface or perpendicular to pile (Define Support Properties)

apply support forces to interslice boundaries (Project Settings > Advanced)


new compressed file format *.slim file extension

user-defined iteration parameters for limit equilibrium analysis (Project Settings > Advanced)

Steffensen\’s iteration method improves speed and convergence (Project Settings > Advanced)

exclude surfaces from output file if safety factor above or below user-defined values (Project Settings > Advanced)

improved Info Viewer with customizable output for report generation


multi-segment discharge sections for finite element groundwater analysis

pressure head boundary condition for finite element groundwater analysis

negative pore pressure cutoff for transient analysis when initial conditions are defined by water table or grid


Improve Discretization Grading option in Mesh Setup to improve discretization around very small line segments

Advanced Discretization option in Mesh Setup allows you to refine discretization in selected regions

new mesh refinement options – increase element / discretization density regions can be defined as arbitrary polygons (Mesh > Increase Density)

automatic mapped mesh option


show values along surface (plot histograms of results directly on slip surface)

multi-stage results view for transient groundwater analysis

plot safety factor versus stage for transient

save current view state of open files (saves all open views and display options for each view)

more customizable chart settings

slice data output is tabulated for easier reading

Drawing Tools

drawing tools available in Slide modeler

convert tool to boundary option in modeler

material properties and support properties tables

queries, iso-lines and flow lines are saved when you save the drawing tools

tools can now be hidden individually or all

tool visibility is adjustable per view and per stage (for transient analysis)

tool formatting can be copied from one tool to another

undo/redo applies to drawing tools
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