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S-CONCRETE Release 11 New Features

S-CONCRETE™ R11 includes a new batch mode capability that permits automatic code checking on a large number of columns, beams and shear walls, improving efficiency.
Release 11 supports the following design codes: ACI 318-08, 05, 02, & 99,
EN 1991-1-1-2004, CSA A23.3-04 & 94, BS 8110:1997 & 1985, UBC 1997, CP 65:1999.
Column Design to Eurocode 2 – EN 1992-1-1:2004, Design of Concrete Structures
• Support for EN 1992-1-1:2004 with Code Recommended Design Parameters
• Support for EN 1992-1-1:2004 with UK National Annex
• Slenderness Effects by two methods:
Nominal Stiffness Method and the Nominal Curvature Method
• Imperfection Effects and Minimum Moments
• True Axial Force-Biaxial Moment Interaction
• Optimal Strut Inclination Angle for Shear and Torsion Interaction
• Shear and Torsion Reinforcement Detailing Checks
• Column Transverse and Longitudinal Reinforcement Detailing Checks

New Batch processing mode
• Groups of S-CONCRETE data files (.SCO) can be processed in a batch mode, without interaction with the graphical user interface
• Full results saved to one text file for each group