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S-FRAME Analysis and S-STEEL Design operate from within the same GUI environment
• Brand new Revit® and Tekla® Structures BIM links feature improvements in all aspects of the bi-directional capabilities including data persistence, control over objects transferred, user interface, section mapping and much more
• Newly designed DXF link featuring 3D visualization, fast rendering, ability to select what to import, pre-assign properties to DXF layers and much more
• New Analysis types for Quasi-Static, Pushover and Nonlinear Buckling s-frame analysis datasheet
• New Elastic/Plastic link beam element, four new nonlinear hysteresis materials and support for partial releases and base isolators
• Implementation of the co-rotational beam element and two new convergence methods for solving the most challenging nonlinear structural problems
• Improved instability detection: Rigid Diaphragms Master Joints are now assigned a small spring in the x and y direction for structures that are unsupported in the x and y directions
• Model Size Limitations Eliminated for Virtually All Practical Situations
• Solver speed and accuracy improvements in the areas of parallel processing and eigenvalue extraction
S-VIEW A New Powerful Visualization Tool
steel design datasheet
• A Powerful New Model and Results Visualization tool included in S-FRAME R11
• Capture screenshots in PNG, BMP, JPG and GIF
• Create animations for orbiting and flyby model views as well as contour diagrams for enhanced visualization
• Capture screenshots in PNG, BMP, JPG and GIF
• Capture multiple step analysis for time history, moving load, nonlinear static, vibration analysis and more as a single animation in WMV or AVI format
• Move the camera while animating, in real time, scrubbing in the timeline through a range of steps, while controlling animation speed s-pad design and optimization datasheet
• Create timeline graphs of Accelerograms, Nodal Excitation Curves and Joint Displacements
• Easily share files with a single .sview file, which contains the S-FRAME model, all the solver results, and camera settings