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RISA-2D v12

IBC 2012 Material Code Updates
Cold-Formed Steel design per AISI S100-10: ASD & LRFD
Masonry design per ACI 530-10: ASD & STRENGTH
Aluminum design per AA ADM1-10: ASD & LRFD- Building & Bridge
Wood design per the NDS 2012
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Tapered Wide Flange design per Design Guide 25
Tutorial: How to Design tapered wide flanges per Design Guide 25 Read More
Added the ability to import a dxf as a background image and then snap to that image when drawing beams, columns and walls.
Tutorial: How to Import a DXF Background Read More
Video: Using a background DXF when drawing Watch Now
Canadian Code Updates
Hot Rolled steel design per Canadian CSA S16-09
Cold-Formed Steel design per CSA S136-10: LSD
Added the design Response Spectra per NBC 2010
Load Combination generation per NBC 2010
Tutorial: What’s new in NBC 2010 Read More
Euro Code Update
Hot Rolled steel design per 2005 U.K. National Annex (NA to BS EN 1993-1-1:2005)