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CSi Bridge is a new comprehensive state-of-the-art software product for the structural & seismic analysis, design and rating of simple and complex bridges. All operations are integrated across a single user interface that provides an easy-to-use and intuitive workflow environment. Bridge models are created parametrically resulting in enhanced productivity, saving engineering time while redefining the standards of accuracy and versatility.

CSiBridge design allows for quick and easy design and retrofitting of steel and concrete bridges. The parametric modeler allows the user to build simple or complex bridge models and to make changes efficiently while maintaining total control over the design process. Lanes and vehicles can be defined quickly and include width effects. Simple and practical Gantt charts are available to simulate modeling of construction sequences and scheduling.

The CSiBridge includes an easy to follow wizard that outlines the steps necessary to create a bridge model.

Completely integrated within the CSiBridge design package is the power of the SAPFire analysis engine, including staged construction, creep and shrinkage analysis, cable tensioning to target forces, camber and shape finding, geometric nonlinearity (P-delta and large displacements), material nonlinearity (superstructure, bearings, substructure, and soil supports), buckling, and static and dynamic analysis. All of these apply to a single comprehensive model. In addition, AASHTO LRFD design is included with automated load combinations, superstructure design, and the latest seismic design.