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ISATIS V2012.4 (c)Geovariances

Isatis® is Geovariances’ leading-edge geostatistical software solution. It has been designed to offer the sound technology you need to get the expected level of confidence in your estimates whilst quantifying the associated risk.
Isatis is the ideal companion software product to go further with advanced and sound geostatistics. This is why it offers powerful integrative capacities by providing numerous import and export interfaces with other vendors\’ packages, including Arcview, Datamine, Gslib, Irap Classic, RML, Vulcan, Z-Map Plus. Besides, major software vendors dealing in the mining or petroleum exploration industry have recognized the importance of advanced geostatistics to go further in earth modeling and resource evaluation. This is why they offer direct links with Isatis in their resource modeling software packages.
Import: ASCII, Binary, Arcview Shapefile and grids, Boreholes with Deviation Survey Data, Datamine, DXF (Autocad), Excel, Gslib, Image files (PNG, GIF and BMP), Irap Classic, LAS, NetCDF, ODBC, SEG-Y, Vulcan, Z-Map Plus.
Export: ASCII, Binary, Arcview, CMG, Datamine, Eclipse, Geocap, Gslib, Irap Classic, NetCDF, SEG-Y, TIFF, Vulcan, VIP, Whittle Four-D, Z-Map Plus.
Direct link to ISATIS in SKUA-Gocad® (Paragdim), Petrel® (Schlumberger), the RML® (Beicip-Franlab) and Gems® (Gemcom).
Direct link to acQuire® and RMS® (Roxar) in Isatis.
Product:ISATIS V2012.4 (c)Geovariances