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Geovariances announces the release of Isatis 2013, the new version of its software known in the Mining and Oil & Gas industries as the most complete solutions in Geostatistics.

Isatis 2013 facilitates software usage by offering integrated workflows guiding the user directly to the expected results. It also facilitates data exchange with its new acQuire® direct link.

Several workflows have thus been made available in Isatis 2013 to provide guidelines for standard geostatistical processing such as kriging, stochastic simulations and uniform conditioning. The user can also build and save its own workflows which help him to save time in further similar studies.

“Using Isatis, you can do nearly everything you want; you can build your workspace from A to Z.” Laurent Wagner, ISATIS Product Manager, says. “Indeed, Isatis is a huge toolbox for resource estimation and we wanted to make it easier to handle by new users, but also to raise awareness of all the software capabilities – and they are huge! -. This is why we have introduced workflows in Isatis to help users better master the software. This way, they can go through the different geostatistical processing steps quickly to the expected results.” Laurent Wagner adds.

Another noteworthy development of Isatis 2013 is the direct link with the acQuire® Geoscientist Information Management System (GIMS) widely used by the mining and energy industries over the world. This new link enables fast access to the acQuire® database from Isatis and allows users to query data through sophisticated filtering criteria and an interface acQuire® users are familiar with.