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Neotec FORGAS 10.1.1


Reliable Integrated Gas and Oil Field Planning
FORGAS has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution to model some of the largest gas fields in the world. It is used to evaluate compression options, to determine drilling schedules, to quantify backout or field constraints, to evaluate gathering system modifications, and to investigate infill
drilling and competitive drainage options.

Model, Optimize, Forecast
Field Development Scheduling
Reservoir to Sales Line
Flow Assurance
Acid Gas Disposal
Gas Storage
Production Optimization
CO2 Sequestration

FORGAS allows the seamless modelling of reservoirs, wellbores, pipelines, and facilities in one interface for field forecasting and development scheduling. Combining the best in multiphase flow and PVT behaviour technology, FORGAS resolves simple and, more importantly, large and complex networks with unparalleled speed, robustness, accuracy, and reliability.
Product:Neotec FORGAS 10.1.1