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Kingdom SMT V8.8

Delivering even faster interpretation results while remaining the industry’s most intuitive and cost-effective software available. It’s your answer for improving workflow efficiencies and significant time savings without sacrificing advanced scientific functionality.

Kingdom 2d/3dPAK is the most-used geophysical solution in the world with 3000 customers in over 100 nations. It allows geoscientists to make more accurate decisions about where to drill for oil and gas.

2d/3dPAK has an uncompromised level of integration with additional Kingdom modules for:
Advanced attribute generation
AVO and microseismic analysis
Geosteering and well planning
3-dimensional interpretation
Advanced geological interpretation

Scalable, multi-user, multi-author database
Windows-based, easy-to-use tool that combines all the capabilities needed for a basin-wide exploration and advanced field evaluation
Provides the best science for evaluation of key reservoir types like carbonates, deep water, and unconventional
Mobility. It works where you do, in an office workstation, on a laptop offsite, in a networked team environment or remotely over the Internet
Kingdom EarthPAK enables geoscientists to manage logs, manipulate cross sections, analyze production and create presentation quality base maps using geological data.


Improve interpretation accuracy by combining seismic and well data
Create more complete pictures by combining rasters, digital and composite logs
Conduct basin-wide exploration with support for over 100,000 well environments
Product:Kingdom SMT V8.8