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Schlumberger MODFLOW Flex 2012.12

What\’s New in Visual MODFLOW Flex 2012.2
Support for model calibration with PEST v12.3

Visual MODFLOW Flex 2012.2 introduces a new interface for PEST that has been designed for groundwater modelers of all skill levels. The intuitive, easy-to-use interface offers step-by-step guidance through the entire model calibration process, making it ideal for junior modelers and beginners with minimal PEST experience. At the same time, it offers support for advanced PEST features and direct access to the PEST control files from within the application, allowing experienced modelers to fully customize the car insurance claims adjuster PEST run.

Simple, intuitive user interface: A unique workflow-based GUI guides you through the PEST process from start to finish, allowing you to define PEST inputs more efficiently than other PEST interfaces, and lets you focus more on interpreting the inputs and results.

Manage and cash advance stores in lansing compare multiple models within a single project: Within a single project, easily compare the results of debit card systems in kenya multiple PEST runs with the results of the original model. Visually inspect the differences between the original and PEST-adjusted property parameters side-by-side, and calculate differences in heads between several model runs to assess uncertainty and the impact to model calibration.

Support for Pilot Points: Including designation of fixed pilot points to ensure that PEST honors your field measurements and generates realistic and representative parameter values for your site conditions. Pilot points can be easily imported from existing GIS datasets or digitized manually in an interactive 2D viewer. Choose from a variety of symbol styles to distinguish between fixed and soft points in 2D/3D viewers.

PEST controls at your fingertips: The PEST dashboard allows you to quickly terminate PEST runs that are taking too long or not progressing.

One-click export to Excel™: Export formatted PEST results to Excel for creating fully-customized charts showing parameter values and sensitivities.

Instant access to PEST results: With Visual MODFLOW Flex, you no longer have to browse through folder directories and search for files containing the results from PEST. All PEST results are conveniently displayed directly within the application, giving you immediate access to information about the PEST run, and allowing you to make prompt, effective decisions.

Support for Standard PEST Functions: The PEST Check option automatically verifies that input files are free of prices tramadol formatting errors before starting a PEST run. Choose from several regularization options including Tikhonov (Preferred Value and Preferred Homogenous) and SVD Assist for faster run times, improved numerical stability and better, more reliable PEST results.
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