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Schlumberger GeoFrame 2012

GeoFrame 2012_SP_1 provides new tools, features, and quality improvements to enhance current geology and geophysics workflows. This service pack has been tested with new hardware and graphics cards. Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 6.3 (RHEL Client 6.3) and Oracle are now also supported on GeoFrame 2012_SP_1.
New Additions to GeoFrame
Several new features and enhancements have been implemented, and are highlighted by the following:
旼eoFrame Connector for Petrel Studio Find
旵olor bar on the GeoViz canvas
昅ultiple traverse display in GeoViz
旼eoViz Identify hot keys for canvas-to-data tree identification and vice-versa
旻requency and power spectrum displays in Seis%DV
旸ip set displays in Seis%DV
旵ross Section usability enhancements
昄og curve transfer from Petrel to GeoFrame using Bedrock and .zip
product:Schlumberger GeoFrame 2012