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sds/2 v7.3 design data

Design Data’s SDS/2 software solutions are a unique, discipline-driven family of software products that provide the construction industry with a more intelligent way to increase both productivity and profits. SDS/2 software produces smarter models and diverse solutions that empower users to analyze structures, design connections, and detail steel to create the construction drawings.

The information stored in the SDS/2 model is valuable when utilized to its fullest potential—beyond the drawings. Priceless information is accessible through the model, connecting owners, engineers, detailers, fabricators, project managers, erectors or anyone involved throughout the life cycle of the project. Sharing the model with all the partners on the project allows users to make time-critical decisions with the ability to generate and access necessary data.

There is an SDS/2 software solution that is built to meet each of these needs.

Built around Design Data’s flagship product—SDS/2 Detailing—there is an option for every phase of the construction process. SDS/2 Engineering provides the power to design members, in conjunction with designing connections. The engineering model is the exact same model used in SDS/2 Detailing or SDS/2 Modeling. Users make adjustments or add miscellaneous steel, which can then be detailed from both SDS/2 Detailing and SDS/2 Drafting stations. SDS/2 Approval can be used as a communication tool between detailers and engineers to enhance the approval process, and as a tool to check the drawings.

Simultaneously, SDS/2 BIM and SDS/2 Fabricating use the model to begin sharing collaboration models or calculating material estimates and generating CNC data for the project. Throughout fabrication, SDS/2 Erector aids in the site planning process through the actual erecting of the steel. The web-based SDS/2 Viewer allows owners and architects, as well as any other subcontractors involved, to have a bird’s eye view of the project from start to finish.

SDS/2 Detailing offers the highest level of automation and intelligence available in 3D steel detailing. With unparalleled connection design intelligence and high-quality drawing production, SDS/2 gives you the power to get the job done.

As the detailer inputs members, like columns and beams, connections are automatically designed with their necessary materials, bolts, holes and welds. SDS/2 Detailing takes a uniquely intelligent approach in its connection design by considering framing conditions and erectibility, automatically performing clash prevention as a part of its connection design. In addition, SDS/2 Detailing can value engineer the connections on a project, helping users to design the most economical connections to fabricate and erect. No other 3D detailing product can do this automatically.

Details and submaterial and erection drawings are automatically generated by SDS/2 Detailing, whose unmatched drawing quality saves more time on shop drawings. But drawings are no longer the only requirement of detailers. SDS/2 Detailing also provides CNC data, MRP information and 3D models, giving detailers all the tools needed to start profiting from their investment.

SDS/2 Detailing is one of the most flexible products on the market, and truly provides users with the results needed to get the job done. From detailing and fabricating entirely from the model using model approval and CNC files, to building the model and providing detail sheets generated from the model — or any workflow in between — SDS/2 Detailing handles all your detailing needs.
Product:sds/2 v7.3 design data