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Landmark EDT R5000.1.9.0

Drilling and production environments are clearly growing more complex: ultra-deep wells, complicated offsets, extended horizontal well paths and smaller reservoir targets are becoming the norm. In this environment, prolonged well planning cycles, design miscalculations or the wrong drilling decisions can cost millions of dollars – jeopardizing the project’s profitability.

Engineers are challenged daily to efficiently make critical engineering decisions in the face of more complex designs, significantly more data than ever before, and often with a shortfall in experience or training. To help engineers meet these challenges, they require an integrated, multi-user drilling and production engineering environment to facilitate streamlined workflow practices, sound engineering and rapid decision-making. This environment should provide a suite of industryleading applications for well design and analysis, drilling and completions, and a common database for rapid access to information and safe data storage.

Engineering project database software for drilling, well services, production and economics data
The Engineer’s Data Model™ (EDM™) software provides the foundation for Landmark’s next generation of drilling, well planning and operations reporting systems. It provides a single platform for detailed operations and engineering workflows from prototype to plan and actual phases of drilling or servicing a well.

Based on Energistics, PPDM, WITSML and other Open Systems standards, EDM software offers the well-engineering professional the broadest range of well data in one database. It is part of a comprehensive data management suite that includes:

PetroBank® Master Data Store™ – for storing raw or bulk petrotechnical data; especially adept at accommodating large volumes of seismic data.
OpenWorks® – indepth project data for geoscience applications.
Corporate Data Store™ – for storing final results or “gold” data that conform to corporate standards and processes and that can “seed” new projects.

These solutions, functioning together, round out the information life cycle needs of the upstream Exploration and Production (E&P) community.

Improved Productivity and Profitability
The EDM platform enables engineers to realize valuable productivity gains during the well-planning process through efficient and naturally integrated workflows. EDM software technology provides a single data entry point for common information across drilling applications, thereby allowing engineers to move from application to application during their workflow and to access the same data set. Updates to EDM data are also synchronized across drilling applications using Simultaneous Activity Monitors (SAMs).

EDM software also provides the foundation for making both real-time and report-time engineering decisions. A current operation can be analyzed easily on the basis of the latest operational parameters from the daily operations report or real-time WITSML data feeds from actual down-hole conditions. These capabilities enable drillers and engineers to make better ongoing operational decisions and corrections while the well is being drilled. The result can be reduced NPT, minimized drilling time and resources required, improved well performance and improved profitability.

Reduce Cycle Time
Realize substantial productivity gains from reduced cycle times through shared data sets and efficient workflows. Reduce cycle times by accumulating the engineering team’s well planning, operations and production information in a single EDM project. Holistic information means that each member of the engineering team has the tools he or she requires to make better, faster and more informed decisions for their part of the process. Overall, this results in increased collective productivity
Product:Landmark EDT R5000.1.9.0