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Gemcom Minex v6.1.1

Gemcom Minex 6.1.1 is the only integrated end-to-end solution dedicated to stratified deposits. Minex seamlessly links key processes including geology, optimisation, mine design, interactive scheduling and rehabilitation to improve productivity and profitability throughout the mining lifecycle. This new version focuses on underground engineering and project file management, while at the same time delivering vastly improved interoperability, usability and stability.
New Underground Engineering Module

With more mining occurring underground, Minex 6.1.1 gives mining engineers the tools they need to accurately calculate reserves and develop effective mine designs.

Create detailed underground mine designs using a set of rich and interactive tools which provide instant visualisation of your design as it progresses.
Utilise mine design tools specifically developed for mining methods used in coal and other relatively flat lying underground tabular bodies.
Save time by visually creating libraries of common panel layouts which can be stored for use in future mine designs.
Use the Underground Quick Layout tool to rapidly create and edit regular and symmetrical mine designs for either longwall or bord and pillar layouts, based on previously defined panel configurations and working types.
Display your mine design in 3D and colour each panel block based on a single colour, working type or selected quality variable.
Rapidly generate reserves for each panel in the mine design directly from your gridded seam model.
Use the interactive Underground Scheduler to rapidly develop a realistic schedule for your underground design and generate customisable reports for all aspects of your schedule.

Project File Management

New file management tools provide you with in depth control over the storage location of project files. Specify which file types to store in which folder, preview the changes, and let Minex take care of reorganising and managing your files.
Take control of your data by using the File Collection Manager to define a folder and file structure to apply to each of your projects.

Other Enhancements

Improve your productivity by taking advantage of the extensive usability enhancements that have been made to Minex’s coordinate geometry functions.
New multistring selection methods facilitate more efficient bulk graphical editing of geometry data.
Take advantage of Minex’s enhanced data exchange support which now allows you to import and export AutoCAD® 2010 files and Vulcan and Carlson grid files, as well as to import any number grids from space, comma and tab delimited text files into one unified location.
Improved borehole data exporting enables all the data in a borehole database to be saved to CSV text files for simple archiving, auditing or transfer to other software. Automate commonly performed tasks with Minex’s record and playback scripting tools.
Automate commonly performed tasks with Minex’s record and playback scripting tools.
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