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Schlumberge Techlog 2011.1.2

Schlumberger has introduced a new release of Techlog 2011 at the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts Annual Symposium.

The 2011 release sees the full implementation of GeoFrame ELAN, augmenting the existing mineral solver capabilities with the algorithms from this recognized application. Other advances include NMR and wellbore imaging upgrades. The new Pore Pressure Prediction module incorporates industry standards to compute pore pressure and fracture gradients to establish the safe mud weight window.

The 2011 release completes modernization of the application interface that now combines intuitive icons with customization capability. A key innovation, said Schlumberger, is the dashboard mode that supports automatic window tiling to maximize the workspace and reduce mouse movements. Furthermore, an intelligent right-mouse-click in context brings up frequently used tools and actions.
product:Schlumberge Techlog 2011.1.2