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Calsep PVTsim v20

Updates and bug fixes in PVTsim from 19.0 to 20.0

February 23, 2011
New Options/Models

* Wax Open Structure dll.
* Interface to STARS simulator from CMG.
* Import of compositional files from Eclipse Comp

Updates and Bug Fixes

* Minor adjustment (+ 0.07%) of Gas Constant in cal/mol K.
* Improved numerical robustness of procedure for converting water cut to water mol%.
* Improved viscosity results for pure glycols and for water-glycol and water-methanol mixtures
* Temperature limit below which for viscosity of aqueous components and mixtures assumed to be constant lowered from 243.15 K to 223.15 K.
* Help updated with info relevant for users of Office 2010.

Fluid Management

* Enhancement of options for recombining two fluids to specified saturation point.
* Bug corrected in “Clean for Mud” module. GC compositions input in weight% were handled incorrectly.

PVT & Regression

* Characterized Regression option extended to optionally update Peneloux volume shift parameters to comply with component liquid densities (always done with Plus Regression).
* Fix to properly catch missing saturation point in CME, CVD, DL and Viscosity experiment simulations options.
* Slimtube option extended with info about lowest input pressure developing miscibility.
* Plus fluid regression logic enhanced to ensure optimum density results when Peneloux volume corrections selected as regression parameters. Cpen parameter added to output.

Flash & Unit Operations

* Logic changed to have subsequent flash specifications executed after one with aqueous phase supersaturated with salt.
* Option added for specifying upper limit for water dew point line in phase envelope option.

Flow Assurance

* Wax temperature calculation could hang in rare cases.
* Error corrected in code for regressing to viscosity data for wax inhibited systems.
* Improved numerical robustness of asphaltene PC-SAFT option.
* Bug corrected in Hydrate module for calculation of the water-gas surface tension.

Open Structure

* Memory leak in SetCalculationError of Hydrate Open Structure dll closed.

Interface Options

Eclipse Black Oil

* Water compressibility output in PVCO and PVDO/PVDG tables erroneously calculated at standard conditions. Corrected to be calculated at the saturation pressure at reservoir temperature.
* Extended with combinations of PVTO/PVTDG and PVDO/PVTG.
* Enhanced procedure for correcting for non-monotony.
* Updated for handle Split-factor of 1 for all components except for one component (which component will form a pure phase).

Vip Black Oil

* Extended with BOGTAB keyword.


* Updated for handle Split-factor of 1 for all components except for one component (which component will for a pure phase).

OLGA (table based)

* A new keyword STDLIQDENSITY added to OLGA two phase table for fluids containing water. OLGA can read this from versions 6.2 and 5.3.4. Only Key format table.
* Improved numerical robustness of OLGA interface option for fluids with low concentration of water.


* OLGA Wax interface extended with Wax Viscosity Correction Factors.


* Error corrected in Fluid Unit Output
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