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To install
1. Make sure you are not running PRO/II simulation. This may
be verified through Task Manager in Windows 2003, Windows XP,
VISTA?and Windows 7 operating systems.
2. To receive this Service Pack, copy and unzip the file on your system. On more recent OS\’s,
the zip file may appear as a folder in which case you can
proceed directly to step 4.
3. When prompted, enter the path to the directory where you want
the files to be unpacked (for example, C:TEMPPROII90).
Important: when you unzip the files, make sure to select the
\”use folder names\” option (or equivalent) so that the required
subdirectory structure is created at the location where the
file is unzipped.
4. After the file has been unzipped, go to the directory where
the files were extracted (for example, C:TEMPProii90)
then go into the subdirectory \”PROII90Patch1\”.
Double click on update.exe to begin installing the PRO/II patch.
This setup will install the PRO/II patch.
If you did not unzip the folder first, it will take a few
moments for the computer to respond to your double click as the
unzipping has to occur first. Do not double click again or you
will launch a second instance of the install.
5. Select the \”Next\” Button on the Welcome Screen and the install starts
installing the updated modules.
6. Select the \”Finish\” button. The Patch will be copied onto your
hard drive and will automatically begin installing.
7. When the installation of the PRO/II patch has been completed,
the following files will be updated on your system:





TDM*.* /s (Some SIM4ME thermo files have been updated)
* Defects corrected in PRO/II v9.0.1 (patch 1) *
Number Feature Description
HIPE#20314 Amsim Converting a file with an Amsim unit operation from
8.3 to 9.0, the new .prz works fine but the _v83.prz
does not contain the required .apj file. The file
won\’t run in v8.3 because it lacks the Amsim model.
LFPE#28095 Assay With Cubic Spline and IF97, recalculating the
assay breakdown may result in a Bad Pointer
Starting Address error.
LFPE# 28165 Assay There is a small error that can be introduced in the
calculated TBP result when there are multiple
components that cover exactly or nearly the same
range. For exmaple, if there are two blends with
the following:
CUTPOINTS TBPCUTS=100,800,28/1200,8/1600,4, DEFAULT
CUTPOINTS TBPCUTS=100,800,28/1200,8/1600,4, BLEND=A
you may end up with a TBP value (any percent), that
is not exactly on the line plotted by lv% vs T of any
of the resulting streams. Most of the points will be
correct. If the problem shows up, it may have one
point that is off by 2 degrees or so. On one
occasion we saw a result that was off by more.
HIPE#20352 Cape Open Cape Open COCO_COUS mixer convert from PROII83 to
PROII90 gives a crash when there are more than 6 feeds.
HIPE#20372 Cape Open A CAPE-OPEN Property package name having
embedded space is not supported through keywords.
HIPE#20382 Cape Open Properties retrieved via Cape Open thermo
have non-sensical values. These were OK in v8.3.
Properties affected include density, surface tension,
thermal conductivity and viscosity.

HIPE#20385 Cape Open File convert via .com (Say, from Excel) of a file
PRZ containing Cape Open COCO units fail because the
relevant .dat file is not containerized in the .prz.
LFPE#27981 Case Study Choose to run Base Case only in Case Study problem
may result in an error message that the PARAMETER
\’PARAM1\’, changed during calculations in cycle 1.
Since cycle 1 is not run, there should have been
no error message.
LFPE#28076 Column The tag information on the xml file for
data transfer to FRI\’s DRP program or Koch-Glitsch
KGTower reports the Liquid To rather than the Liquid

HIPE#20503 Column The Ratefrac Electrolyte column crash may crash when
hydraulics data are present using the built-in SCRU70
thermo package. Other built in packages, like SOUR
and MEA are fine.
HIPE#20319 Component User supplied VP data using correlation 20 will be
incorrect if the parameters are supplied using
deg R. deg K is OK.
LFPE#28143 Component The critical Pressure for mercury is incorrect
Databank in the PROCESS databank.
LFPE#28096 Compressor The the user-supplied Polytropic Efficiency for a
compressor does not persist after OKing back to the
PFD level.
LFPE#28136 Compressor Compressors with primarily vapor, but some liquid
feed, and VLLE thermo, results in a bad outlet
condition calculation, even though there is only
one liquid phase. VLE thermo works correctly.
LFPE#28152 Flash In one case, the dew point calculation for an all
water stream using IF97 results in incorrect enthalpy
near the critical.
HIPE#20285 PFD The stream icon on the build palette turns red
(unsatisfied) after a Save As operation. Click
around the PFD restores it to the correct black
LFCR#4298 Reaction 揇efine?is being ignored in column reaction data
Data for the Pre-Exponential Factor and resets it to a
value of 1.0
LFPE#28115 Security Starting PRO/II 9.0 with TokenNet security may
result in a security error message about the license
expiration date, even though the license is good.
HIPE#20370 Solids The Solid removal unit does not material balance
when the feed is a solids-only stream.
HIPE#20378 Solids The energy balance is not attained for solid removal
unit operation.
HIPE#20473 Solids The Plant Material Balance Table could be in error
if decant water is present.
LFPE#28105 Solids Solids Removal adiabatic option does not result
in the correct temperature in at least one case.
LFPE#27921 Spreadsheet After running a file, click on Tools/Spreadsheet
Tools /Stream Properties. At the conclusion of laying
out the spreadsheet it may crash with a
p2oledbs.exe application error.
\’The instruction at \”0x7c9116f4\” reference memory at
\”0x001a4era\”. The memory could not be \”written\”.\’
LFPE#28112 Stream The Find Stream and Find Unit are not alpha
sorted in v9.0.
LFPE#28106 Stream When a Stream Property Table is present and rate
Property in liters/day is requested, the file is exported
Table to keywords as LIT/DAY for the Stream Report Writer.
LIT/DAY is not accepted in import. The workaround
is to change the keyword to L/D.
HIPE#18602 Thermo The Unifac group breakdown is incorrect for the
following components: CITRONIC, DC9PHEN, DEAA,

HIPE#20447 Thermo The parachor surface tension calculation is incorrect
for single component flowsheets
LFCR#4208 Thermo The Unifac group breakdown is incorrect for the
following components: 1M2PRBZ, 1M3PRBZ, 1M4PRBZ,
LFPE#27975 Thermo Using GPSA water saturation, if the stream is
nearly pure in a vapor-liquid mix, adding
more liquid water decreases the vapor water
flowrate. This is because there is a cutoff
concentration for pure-component handling
(in this one scenario) that is not close enough
to 1.0.
HIPE#20403 Update Initial Updating controller the current variable values
Estimates to a stream estimate updates the field to the
moles/hr value even when the UOM for that field
is mass/hr.
Size:770 MB