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The new technology deployment is the result of a joint effort between Koch-Glitsch and SimSci-Esscor to address several user-requested enhancements and improvements. The RATEFRAC rate-based distillation design software will now be licensed on an exclusive basis as an integrated module within the PRO/II software (Version 7.1 and higher). Additionally, KG-TOWER® design software will be available as an integrated module within PRO/II at no additional cost. The arrangement supersedes Koch-Glitsch’s prior partnership with Aspen Technology.

The RATEFRAC module in PRO/II is a rigorous rate-based distillation module suitable for applications where the approach to equilibrium is limited by heat and mass transfer rates. With new packing methods and improved convergence, the RATEFRAC module enables users to rigorously model the mass transfer and heat transfer effects in a tower and accurately simulates the actual separation. Seamless integration with PRO/II software enables users to conveniently switch between an equilibrium-based approach and a rate-based approach.

As an additional value-add, the KG-TOWERmodule integrated within the PRO/II software offers a single powerful environment where users can rate both conventional and high performance valve trays, and also conventional and high performance random and structured tower packing. The KG-TOWER module integrated within the PRO/II program allows users to directly export PRO/II column profiles to KG-TOWER for detailed tray and packing design and rating without leaving the PRO/II environment.