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synplify e 2011.03 sp1

Synopsys® Synplify Pro® AE synthesis tool is integrated into Libero IDE, enabling you to target and fully optimize your HDL design for any Actel device. As with other Libero IDE tools, you can launch Synplify Pro AE directly from the Libero IDE Project Manager.
Key features of Synplify Pro AE are listed below. Synplify Pro AE is now available in Libero IDE Evaluation, Gold, and Platinum license editions. All Actel devices are supported with Synplify Pro AE.

* Synopsys\’s Proprietary Behavior Extracting Synthesis Technology (BEST™) Algorithms
* Integrated Module Generation and Mapping
* SCOPE Multi-Level Design Constraints
* Language-Sensitive Editor
* Intuitive Use Model with Intelligent Defaults
* Direct Synthesis Technology
* Third-Party Tool Integration
* Advanced Register Detection
* Hierarchy Browser Display
* TCL Scripting
* HDL Analyst® Solution
* Netlist Hierarchy
* Comprehensive Mixed HDL Language Support
* MultiPoint™ Synthesis
* Retiming/register balancing
* FSM Explorer
* Graphical State Machine Viewer
* Probe Point Creation
* Generic Cross-Probing of Critical Paths
* Gated Clock Conversion
* Multiple Implementations
product:synplify e 2011.03 sp1