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Gedco Omni 3D v11

OMNI 3D is the industry standard for seismic survey design and modeling. Developed by geophysicists for geophysicists, OMNI 3D is used by hundreds of specialists around the globe for the planning, execution, and analysis of land, marine, transition zone, VSP, and multi-component surveys. OMNI 3D features a superior user interface and a versatile multi-project handling capability, both of which allow users to quickly and effectively analyze and monitor their seismic acquisition projects.
Multiple Streamer Boats
Designing surveys with many boats is easier than ever! A
parameter has been added to the Streamer Definition page tha
allows you to have multiple streamer boats sailing parallel to o
another . All streamer boats listen simultaneously to the same
Sail Line Turns
OMNI 3D Version 11 can display full sail line turns. The
minimum turn path calculation is restrained by the minimum tu
radius of the boat and streamer , the distance required to
straighten the streamer , whether the streamer boat is permitted
cross a sail line, and whether lines can be extended. The Strea
Cost Report has also been adjusted to calculate the cost for th
calculated turn path. Sail Line Turns can then be edited by the
user to account for obstacles, etc.
Simultaneous Acquisition
Need to design a survey where the streamer boat and shot boa
sail different paths and shoot their guns at the same time?
OMNI 3D can do this. Shots can be transferred from one
Streamer script to another , then combined fold can be calculat
for the original Streamers and the revised Streamers.
Gridded Modeling
Model the three-dimensional wavefield as it travels through a
velocity volume and across a corresponding reflecting horizon.
This new Workshop module lets you load a velocity volume and a
relflection horizon surface within that volume. Various ray tracing
tools and analyses help you determine which survey parameters
best capture the wavefield energy. (W)
Legend Box
A powerful new Plot View element has been added that makes
displaying information about the objects in the Plot View easier .
Survey, script, and analysis data in the Legend box is updated
automatically when display parameters are changed.
TM ®
Convert Landmark TDQ to OMNI 3D Velocity
Convert Landmark TDQ files to OMNI RMS velocity format. 2D,
3D and Target Models can then be created, ray traced and
analyzed. Other analyses are also possible with the velocity data.
Minimum Proximity of Stations
A new method of calculating unique fold based on the proximity
of shots and receivers has been added. Each trace within a bin is
plotted in offset space (inline offset versus crossline offset). Any
trace closer than a threshold distance to another trace is
considered redundant (i.e. not unique).
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