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Lucidshape 1.91

LucidShapeG is a powerful software tool for the design of lighting systems and optical components. This special edition for general lightingcombines versatile state-of-the-art lighting tools with an intuitive design interface and extraordinary accurate photometric raytracing capabilities.
You can benefit from a number of light sources in libraries which come along with LucidShape or just build them yourself. Every kind of surface can become a light source. During the development you can test your setup using the interactive raytracing capability of our product, watching the light being reflectected by a surface or refracted by a lens. After finishing your setup, you will be able to perform a fast and accurate Monte Carlo-Raytrace, which results in a light destribution for your product.

If you created an automotive reflector you can test the beam pattern on the road with LucidDrive, our night driver simulation. Take a ride and watch your reflector illuminating the street, signs and trees. You can install different light distributions to drive with, created by low beams, high beams, fog lamps, etc. Even modern AFS (Adaptive Frontlighting Systems) can be simulated. Explore famous Formula 1 racing tracks from all over the world or create your individual testing route, customized for your efforts.
Product:Lucidshape 1.91