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Schlumberger Hydro GeoBuilder 2009.1 v1.1.94.0

From raw data, to the conceptual model, to the numerical model, Hydro GeoBuilder will dramatically improve the way you build your groundwater models. Working with mesh-independent data, you will quickly capture the essence of the groundwater flow system without being constrained by a particular mesh size or type. With Hydro GeoBuilder, the tedious tasks of populating the 3D finite element mesh are done for you automatically, allowing you to focus more effort on conceptualization and interpretation.

* Interpret your native file formats to conceptualize your site: Spreadsheets, XYZ points, Shapefiles, ASCII/Binary Grid Files, and Cross-sections
* View and edit raw data in 2D or 3D, before generating the mesh
* Convert between coordinate systems: UTM, Geographic, Gauss Krueger, and more.
* Work with flexible units for length, conductivity, and flow rates
* Unit conversions to be compatible with FEFLOW .FEM file format
* Easily assign tens or hundreds of multi-layered wells to the finite element mesh
* Automatically generate the finite element mesh from multi-layered pinchout and discontinuous layers based on your raw data
* Automatically assign appropriate flow properties in regions of pinchouts.
* Generate slice elevations that deform to the geology or are layer-independent – ideal for complex geologic structures
* Refine superelement mesh around wells, lines (rivers, drains, etc.) and the model boundary
* Execute advanced translation routines for managing conductivities based on geometry and properties
* Automatically generate the ASCII FEFLOW. FEM file from the conceptual model, and
* Generate Finite Difference Grids for translation to MODFLOW file format
Product:Schlumberger Hydro GeoBuilder 2009.1 v1.1.94.0
Size:54 MB