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Unisim Design R390.1 (C)honeywell

UniSim ® Design is an intuitive and interactive process modeling offering that enables engineers to create steady-state and dynamic models for plant design, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, operational improvement, business planning and asset management. It provides users the best-in-class technologies and comprehensive features, along with Honeywell\’s domain expertise in process simulation and operator training.

Using industry-specific unit operation models and powerful tools to optimize operating parameters for feedstock changes, UniSim Design enables the steady-state simulation of oil and gas, refining, chemical, and other processes. Further, the user is empowered to interactively make decisions by getting immediate responses to assumptions using a high-speed engine with backward calculation capabilities.

UniSim Design’s dynamic simulation capabilities allow steady state models to be extended to transient models, allowing consistent thermodynamics and model configurations to be used for process transient analysis, controllability studies, and operator training applications. UniSim Design includes a full complement of control element models and transient analysis tools to aid in the analysis of simulation results.

The latest release of UniSim Design R400 highlights the introduction of the new UniSim Flare product and the outcome of Honeywell’s latest effort in compatibility enhancements through XML format.

UniSim Flare

UniSim Flare is the latest addition to Honeywell’s UniSim Design product family. It is a steady-state flare & relief network simulator, to be used to design new flare and vent systems, from relief valve to flare tip, or to rate existing systems to ensure that they can handle all possible emergency scenarios. UniSim Flare can also be used to debottleneck an existing flare system that no longer meets the needs for safe operation in a plant.

XML Support and Compatibility Enhancements

Significant enhancements were introduced to support store and recall of simulation case files through XML format in UniSim Design. It provides comprehensive coverage of interoperability among versions of UniSim Design, as well as with Aspen HYSYS.

There are seven UniSim Heat Exchanger Modelers available in the UniSim Design Suite portfolio, specialized in heat transfer technologies and equipment modeling. They cover Shell-Tube exchanger, Cross-Flow exchanger, Plate-Fin Exchanger, Fired Process Heater Modeler, Plate Heat Exchanger, Feedwater Heater, and Process Pipeline. The new strategic alliance relationship between Honeywell and Heat Transfer Research, Inc. (HTRI) has brought together Strength, Integrity, and Resources from both companies, and provides our customers best-in-class simulation technologies from Honeywell and the industry-leading expertise in heat transfer technologies from HTRI.
Product:Unisim Design R390.1 (C)honeywell