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Optiwave OptiSystem 10.0

In an industry where cost effectiveness and productivity
are imperative for success, the award winning
OptiSystem can minimize time requirements and
decrease cost related to the design of optical systems,
links, and components. OptiSystem is an innovative,
rapidly evolving, and powerful software design tool
that enables users to plan, test, and simulate almost
every type of optical link in the transmission layer of a
broad spectrum of optical networks from LAN, SAN,
MAN to ultra-long-haul. It offers transmission layer
optical communication system design and planning
from component to system level, and visually presents
analysis and scenarios. Its integration with other
Optiwave products and design tools of industry leading
electronic design automation software all contribute
to OptiSystem speeding your product to market and
reducing the payback period.

• Assesses parameter sensitivities aiding design

tolerance specifications

• Visually presents design options and scenarios to

prospective customers

• Delivers straightforward access to extensive sets of

system characterization data

• Provides automatic parameter sweep and optimization

• Integrates with the family of Optiwave products


Created to address the needs of research scientists,

optical telecom engineers, system integrators, students

and a wide variety of other users, OptiSystem satisfies the

demand of the evolving photonics market for a powerful

yet easy to use optical system design tool.


OptiSystem enables users to plan, test, and simulate:

• WDM/TDM or CATV network design

• SONET/SDH ring design

• Transmitter, channel, amplifier, and receiver design

• Dispersion map design

• Estimation of BER and system penalties with different
receiver models

• Amplified System BER and link budget calculations

“ As optical systems become more and more complex,
scientists and engineers must increasingly adopt
advanced software simulation techniques for vital
assistance with design issues. OptiSystem’s power
& flexibility facilitates efficient & effective photonic

Dr. Govind p. Agrawal,


Institute of Optics, University of Rochester and author

of Fiber-Optics Communications Systems

Optical Communication System and Amplifier Design Software
Product:Optiwave OptiSystem 10.0