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Bentley PondPack V8i v08.11.01.54

The FEMA-approved PondPack will save you hours of manual calculation time when analyzing pre- and post- development hydrology. PondPack\’s robust analysis engine sizes ponds, develops outlet rating curves with tailwater effects, accounts for pond infiltration, calculates pond detention times, analyzes channels, performs interconnected pond routing computations and handles divergent (multiple) outfalls.
With a single stand-alone software package, you will be able to analyze, design, manage, and plan detention pond projects of any size quickly, correctly, and within budget.

Most importantly, you will be able to submit agency ready reports. PondPack\’s intuitive interface allows even a novice user to produce a customized professional report complete with a table of contents and an index.
Product:Bentley PondPack V8i v08.11.01.54
Size:256 MB