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Bentley AutoPIPE V8i v09.03.02.05

stresses, loads, and deflections under static and dynamic load conditions, even to the highest
nuclear standards. AutoPIPE V8i analyzes systems of any complexity, with special features
for buried pipeline analysis, wave loading, water or steam hammer, FRP/GRP pipe and built-in
pipe/structure interaction.

Unique, Object-Based Graphical User Interface

The OpenGL CAD graphical user interface found in Bentley
AutoPIPE V8i enables users to easily create and modify the
pipe stress model. Users can simply point and click on the
graphical model to insert, modify, or delete pipe supports,
loads, or components. After each operation, the model display
is automatically updated for instant visual feedback. Using
AutoPIPE V8i graphical select options, users can insert, delete,
or modify components, supports, pipe properties, temperatures/
pressures, or other parameters across an entire range of points
with one command. Graphical selection of ranges is also used
to cut, copy, and paste operations. Users can check, sort, or
make changes to the input data quickly using interactive grid
spreadsheets. AutoPIPE V8i features up to 99 undo or redo
steps to correct mistakes, perform ‘What-if’ analysis, or to
iterate quickly through design scenarios.

Advanced Analysis Features
for Varied Piping Environments

AutoPIPE V8i provides unique capabilities for process,
power, oil and gas, nuclear, underground, offshore floating,
production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) platform and subsea
pipeline areas with 25 international piping codes. Advanced
AutoPIPE V8i capabilities include built-in wave loading, buried
pipeline analysis, jacketed piping, dynamic loadings, and
orthotropic fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) or glass reinforced
plastic (GRP) piping analysis. It also includes thermal stratification
or bowing, thermal transient, pipe/structure interaction, fluid
transient with closure time and relief valve utilities, advanced
load sequencing, non-linear support gaps and friction and
jacketed piping. Local stress calculation to WRC 107, WRC 297,
PD 5500, KHK, API 650 is available using WinNOZL.

Graphical Review of Analysis Results

Once a system is analyzed, users can click on the graphical
model and instantly view stresses, deflections, forces, and
moments. Color-coded results and pop-up windows enable

users to quickly identify and investigate critical areas without
having to review a voluminous amount of batch output data.
Up to 500 load combinations can be viewed with the powerful
on-screen results grid, which provides interactive filtering,
sorting, and printing of maximum result values.

Interface with ProjectWise, CAE,
STAAD.Pro and Plant Design CAD Systems

The only solution on the market today with tight integration
between piping and structural analysis, AutoPIPE V8i can
automatically transfer pipe support loads as well as import
complete structures to and from STAAD.Pro V8i, the number
1 structural program, saving weeks of design time and
providing safer, more-realistic engineered designs. Import
3D plant design CAD models from AutoPLANT® V8i,
PlantSpace® V8i or OpenPlant® V8i, Intergraph PDS®,
SmartPlant® or CADWORX®, SolidWorks®, Inventor®,
CATIA®, Aveva PDMS®, into AutoPIPE V8i to save hundreds
of man-hours and ensure accurate pipe stress models.

AutoPIPE V8i provides users with full read/write interoperability
with Caesar II. and can use Navigator to view any AutoPIPE V8i
model and its data alongside any CAD model to make early
engineering decisions, perform clash detection, and reduce
design iterations. Stress isometric with fully dimensioned plot
and custom data to display the pipe stress engineer’s changes.
AutoPIPE V8i provides comprehensive ProjectWise integration
for global collaboration of engineering and CAD data files on
major projects.

Quality Assurance

AutoPIPE V8i rigorous quality assurance program has passed
numerous nuclear and Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee
(NUPIC) audits to 10CFR50 App. B, ISO9001, CSA N286.7-99,
ASME NQA-1, and ANSI N45.2 standards, making Bentley
AutoPIPE V8i one of the few pipe stress programs with a
high-level of quality. AutoPIPE Nuclear V8i provides design
of critical safety pipework to ASME Class 1, 2, or 3.
Product:Bentley AutoPIPE V8i v09.03.02.05