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Chemstations ChemCAD

Chemstations ChemCAD VERSION

CHEMCAD New Features and Enhancements

* Added a new operating mode, TurboK, which can decrease calculation time for complex simulations (2841)
* Replaced License Manager 7.2 with RMS License Manager (see important upgrade message) (3364)
* Added the capability to use commuter licensing from non-administrator accounts with RMS (2262)
* Added the capability to select equation of state for use with Poynting factor (3151)
* Added the capability to regress BIPs from partial pressure data (3306)
* Added the capability to set a keyboard shortcut for drawing streams (3414)
* Improved KREA with capability for solid-gas reactions (3400)
* Added the capability to specify which reaction(s) are deleted for reactor UnitOps (1456)
* Improved the default class selection during creation of a new user-defined electrolyte component (2862)
* Improved convergence for node flowsheets where some UnitOps are near critical flow (3014)
* Enhanced VBClient.xls to enable reporting of unconverged UnitOps (3209)
* Revised ideal gas enthalpy for new components using the Joback method (3213)
* Added a unit label to the Sherwood-Eckert packing factor in column sizing (3294)
* Enhanced stream properties to allow calculation of entropy for a solid (3312)
* Enhanced the CHEMCAD Explorer so that stream numbers are still displayed, even after streams are named (3353)
* Added a \’Liquid & Solid\’ section to the Tray Properties report (3389)
* Added the capability to set global stream and UnitOp starting ID numbers (3411)
* Added the capability to set display preferences for the Run Trace window (3412)

* Improved zone temperature calculation for horizontal tube-side condensation with shell-side evaporation (3468)
* Added new options to the Nozzle dialog for an X-shell with a three-nozzle connection (3015)
* Corrected tube count for no-tube-in-window baffle case (3238)
* Corrected an issue where a superheated vapor error message could prevent a user from running a knockback condenser (3265)
* Corrected an issue where an error message prevented CC-THERM from running a heat exchanger with liquid-stratified sub-cooling flow (3302)
* Added the capability to access fouling factors from Excel Data Maps, controllers, sensitivity studies, etc. (3309)
* Corrected an issue with large static head triggering a message about inadequate driving force (3338)
* Changed the default value for the outlet mole vapor fraction in the Thermosyphon Reboiler specification dialog (3342)
* Added protection for heat curve generation when relevant physical property data is undefined (3348)
* Corrected an issue with TEMA sheet reporting the wrong flow for knockback condensers in some circumstances (3403)


* Corrected an issue with BREA \’KREA file not found\’ message for zero reactions (1235)
* Added the capability to run Data Maps for each time step in dynamics mode (1444)
* Added warnings for PID controller measured variable outside min/max range (3210)
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