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Major enhancements of version 6.3 over version 6.2 include:

* Capacity to handle 2000 discrete components in a single simulation
* Improved convergence via a new recycle cut stream algorithm
* Optional user-defined enhancement factor for mass transfer
* Enhanced composite curve plots that allow users to set minimum delta T
* Numerous enhancements to the CC-THERM heat exchanger sizing module

* Capability to load multiple instances of CHEMCAD via COM
* Improvements to CHEMCAD\’s OPC functionality, including increased speed
* Increased calculation speed for local thermodynamics
* Capability for network administrators to perform silent CHEMCAD installation

CHEMCAD New Features and Enhancements

* Added the capability to specify a chemical reaction enhancement factor for mass transfer distillation calculations (2842)
* Added an auto-estimation mode for the Batch Distillation Column UnitOp to improve column convergence (2896)
* Enhanced distillation curve characterization to use the standard stream selection dialog box (516)
* Added a warning for a one-sided heat exchanger so that users will know if utility rating entries are overriding Specifications tab entries (1151)
* Added the Browse capability to assist in finding a targeted Excel Data Map (1567/2772)
* Enhanced the Composite Curves feature to make shifting composite curves optional (2763)
* Enhanced stream properties to allow entropy to have units of absolute temperature (°R, K) (2808)
* Added the capability to rename an Excel Data Map while it is open in CHEMCAD (2852)
* Enhanced the RAMP UnitOp so that it no longer generates errors when disabled (2878)
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