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Tekla Structures V17.0

Tekla Structures 17.0 Buid 5701 (32bit) 10.2.2011
Tekla Structures can be used to interface with other existing applications, or solely as a platform to develop a customisable internal solution. Its open platform supports interoperability and standardisation. Tekla Structures links with various systems through Tekla Open API™ application programming interface that is implemented using Microsoft® .NET technology. Examples of standard formats supported by Tekla Structures are IFC, CIS/2, SDNF and DSTV. Examples of proprietary formats supported by Tekla Structures are DWG, DXF and DGN.
Tekla Structures, Construction Management software configuration includes functionality to manage and track project status. Users can communicate and manage information from supply to installation.

Since building information consists of both business and process information, this configuration offers more than just reviewing project data created by others. Customized views allow the user to create and change information attached to building objects. Project history can be accessed and presented graphically or in text format. Data can be highlighted so that problem areas are easier to identify.

The modeling function allows users to

* View Tekla models (all materials and profiles)
* Create erection sequences
* View model information in 4D (simulated schedule)
* Assign and manage construction phase schedules
* Map scheduled tasks to objects in the model
* Combine with other design discipline models (IFC, DWG, DXF, DGN)
* Do clash checking
* Report reference model information

The output function allows users to

* Print and plot drawings and reports
* Create reports (assembly lists, part lists and quantity take-off)
* Create reinforcement reports (bending schedules, weight
Product:Tekla Structures V17.0
Lanaguage:Multi Language
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