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Powerful, secure, Windows-based, multi-host access for the evolving
enterprise RUMBA provides connectivity from Microsoft Windows desktops to
virtually any host system with mission critical reliability. Innovative
features increase user productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, and
simplify enterprise migrations to browser-based and server-based computing.
RUMBA software makes it easy to connect to and use information on IBM
mainframe, IBM iSeries (AS/400), UNIX, Hewlett-Packard, and VAX systems.
Micro Focus抯 modular-based products ensure optimal performance and fast,
flexible custom application development.

RUMBA protects valuable information assets and secures the communications
between your workstations and host systems through rich security features.
RUMBA enables business users to work productively with host-based information
within a user-friendly Windows environment or from a familiar Web browser.
It provides all the core functionality of a Windows-based emulator, from
multi-session support and host printer emulation to a variety of file
transfer and host-based graphics options.

This release contains English, French and German versions
Lanaguage:Multi Language
Size:284 MB