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Schlumberger AquiferTest 2010.1 v4.3.0.16

AquiferTest 4.2 is an easy-to-use groundwater software package for graphical analysis and reporting of pumping test and slug test data. With the ability to characterize your aquifer and analyze pumping and slug tests, AquiferTest features all of the tools you need in one convenient groundwater data analysis program.

New Features in v.4.2
Analysis Features
Added Hantush-Bierschenk (1964) – step drawdown test, analysis of well losses. Two data analysis options are available:
Analyze discharge-water level data (for a step test where steady-state is reached in each step)
Manually enter the time-discharge data and time-water level data, and extrapolate discharge-water levels from this data (appropriate for a step test, where flow is at an unsteady-state)
Added Moench Fracture Flow (1984) – analysis of fractured aquifers with fractured skin
Select from Transient or Pseudo-steady state block to fissure flow model
Select sphere or slab block geometry
Added Hantush (1960) – Leaky aquifer, unsteady-state flow, accounts for storage changes in the aquitard
Mapping and Contouring
Export drawdown contours to polyline shapefile (geometry and attributes)
Export well locations to points shapefile (geometry and attributes)
Import well locations from point shapefile (geometry and attributes)
Added 4 user-defined report text fields, with user-defined label name, value and style settings
One descriptive field can be added to each of the main program tabs, e.g., Pumping/Slug Test, Discharge, Water Levels, Analysis
Position the report field below existing fields, or position anywhere on the report
New Features in v.4.1
Analysis Features
Added traditional pumping test methods with fixed assumptions (confined, constant discharge rate, single pumping well, fully-penetrating, isotropic)
Theis Recovery Analysis
Cooper Jacob analysis
Time-Distance Drawdown
Option show the Cooper Jacob validity line, and define different values for “u”
Added Boulton method: this analysis method is suitable for unconfined aquifers, anisotropic or isotropic, with fully or partially penetrating wells.
Added option to display Statistics for the Automatic fit, under the Analysis menu. The statistics report may be saved to .TXT or .XLS file or copied to a clipboard, or printed as is.
Maps and Contouring
Export contour lines, modified the grid export routine, in order to have real-world X,Y,Z coordinates
Added features to export to graphics format (.BMP) and copy to clipboard
Project Units
Added imperial gallons /min or /day also be included as a unit option for discharge rate
Data Logger Import
Added support for Diver Datalogger format (.MON). During the data logger wizard import, select Diver Datalogger from the set of pre-defined settings. AquiferTest will automatically map the appropriate columns in the .MON file, and select the appropriate date and time formats.
Product:Schlumberger AquiferTest 2010.1 v4.3.0.16
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