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SCADOffice v11.3

SCAD Office – the new generation system, developed by engineers for engineers and implemented a team of experienced programmers. The system includes a set of high-performance computing version of SCAD, as well as a number of designing and supporting programs that address the issues of calculation and design of steel and reinforced concrete structures. The system is constantly evolving, improving the user interface and computational capabilities include designing new components.

SCAD Office includes the following programs:
* SCAD 11.1-computer complex for strength analysis of structures
finite element method
* Forum 1.7-forming larger models (preprocessor)
* WEST 3.5.3 – Calculation of loads on SNiP \”Pressures and Impact\”
* 5.3 Cross-bed calculation of coefficients of buildings and structures on an elastic
* Crystal-4.1.11 Calculation of steel structures
* Arbat 5.1 Selection of fixtures and examination of reinforced concrete
* Fireplace 2.7.1, the calculation of the stone structures and armokamennyh
Decor * 1.3-calculation of wooden constructions
* 1.1.3 Request-account of the grounds and foundations
* 1.1-analysis of slope stability of slopes and the slopes
* Constructor sections of 2.3-generation and calculation of geometric
characteristics of the cross sections of rolled profiles and sheets
* Consul 3.1-build arbitrary cross sections and calculation of their geometric
characteristics based on the theory of continuous-rod
* Tonus 2.3 – Construction of arbitrary cross sections and calculation of their geometric
characteristics based on the theory of thin rods
* Sesame 2.1 – Search for the equivalent cross-sections
* Monolith 3.0 – designing monolithic ribbed ceilings
* Kometa 2.9 – Calculation and design of steel structures knots
* Bush 1.3.1 – theoretical calculation and designer directory
* Cocoon 3.1.1 – a handbook on stress concentration factors and
stress intensity factor

New features and fixes:

Published a new version of SCAD Office 11.3, which
offers several new features.

Mode «Installation»

In the computer complex SCAD realized regime «Mounting» and simulation of building facilities. When a the ability to install and remove some elements of the system, installation or removal of ballast cargo, regulation of lengths of elements changes in the state of relations, etc. Taken together, realized the possibility of job input data, ie description of the installation in graphical dialogue. Allowed use as a cause for modeling sequence erection of an independent set calculation scheme, and establishment of the scheme directly in the «Editing».

Efficient high-speed solver

In version 11.3 of computer uses a new set of SCAD alternative direct solver based on mnogofrontalnogo method. In addition to
high speed compared with the solver version 11.1 it The possibility of parallel computations on multicore personal computers.
The efficiency of algorithms allowed for
uniprocessor computers to increase the dimension of the task and while almost twice as shorten the time to address them.


Library SCAD API (Application Program Interface) represents a set of methods designed to work with projects computer complex SCAD. It is designed for users possessing the skills of programming in C + +, and allows create their own applications for the computer complex. In of the library includes several sections: Class CScadAPI, methods which are used to create and adjust the settlement schemes, Class CScadResult – to analyze the results of calculation, as well as a number support structures to deal with different kinds of Computer data set.

Satellite Program

Version 11.3 continues to develop programs satellites. In addition to improving the user interface in a number of new computational capabilities.

CRYSTAL program (analysis of steel structures) expanded through the inclusion of additional sections that implement the recommendations SP 53-102-2004 «The general rules of design of steel structures».
In INQUIRY (the analysis of bases and foundations) realized exports to Program ARBAT (analysis of reinforced concrete structures) data on the type and amount of cross-section piles, and also estimated the length and characteristics of heavy concrete with a view coefficient of working conditions, taking into account the effect of the method production piling. This allows to test the strength of material piles, using the regime of Resistance of reinforced concrete sections ARBAT program.
Program KOMETA (analysis and design of steel hubs structures), supplemented with new prototypes of hinged bases of the columns of round pipe and the two rolled channels, which are applied in the number and in the manufacture of billboards.
The program DECOR (analysis of wooden structures) enabled arches.
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