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CSI Etabs 9.7.1

ETABS is available in two levels: Plus (P) and Nonlinear (N). A letter in parenthesis following a feature identifies the version(s) that are associated with it.

• Object Based Graphical Interface
• Model Templates for Most Steel & Concrete Building Systems
• Models Created Using Building Terminology
• Beam/Column/Brace Frame Objects
• Wall/Slab/Deck Shell Objects with Internal Meshing
• Story Definitions using the Concept of Similar Stories
• Common Labeling of Objects between Similar Stories
• Editing with Move, Merge, Mirror and Replicate
• Accurate Dimensioning with Guidelines and Snapping
• Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Flexible Floor Diaphragm Definitions
• Powerful Extrusion Command for Generating Ramps
• Auto Line Constraints for Mismatched Wall Meshes
• Quick Draw Options for Object Creation
• Draw Command for Easily Adding Openings to Floors
• Support for Multiple Coordinate Systems
• Powerful Grouping and Selection Options
• Automatic Generation of Code Lateral Wind and Seismic Loads
• Transfer of Loads from Decks/Slabs to Beams and Walls

• Static and Dynamic Analysis for Frame/Shear Wall Buildings (N, P)
• Response Spectrum Analysis with Eigen or Ritz Vectors (N, P)
• P-Delta Analysis (N, P)
• Automated Center of Rigidity Calculations (N, P)
• Gravity, Pressure and Thermal Loading (N, P)
• Frame Objects Drawn as Physical Members (N, P)
• Automatic Meshing of Decks/Slabs for Diaphragm Analysis (N, P)
• Wall/Slab/Deck Modeled as Shell, Plate or Membrane Type (N, P)
• Seismic Acceleration or Displacement Time History Analysis (N, P)
• Wind Load Forcing Functions (N, P)
• Explicit Panel-Zone Deformations (N, P)
• Construction Sequence Loading Analysis (N)
• Frame Hinges for Axial, Flexural, Shear & Torsional Behavior (N)
• Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis (N)
• Viscous Dampers (N)
• Base Isolators (N)
• Gap Object for Structural Pounding (N)
• Nonlinear Time History Analysis with the Wilson FNA Method (N)
• Large Displacement Analysis (N)

• 3D Perspective Graphical Displays (N, P)
• Static Deformed and Mode Shapes (N, P)
• Loading Diagrams (N, P)
• Animation of Deformed Shapes (N, P)
• Force Diagrams and Stress Contours (N, P)
• Integrated Force Diagrams for Wall Piers and Spandrels (N, P)
• Selective Results Displayed On-Screen with Right-Button Click (N, P)
• Tabular Display of Model Input & Output (N, P)
• Graphical Section Cut Definitions for Forces and Stresses (N, P)
• OpenGL Viewer (N, P)
• Display of Displacement and Force Time History Records (N, P)
• Time History AVI Files (N, P)
• Response Spectrum Curves from Time History Analysis (N, P)
• Nonlinear Force-Deformation Plots (N)
• Graphical Display of Nonlinear Hinge Status (N)

• Steel Frame Design for Numerous Domestic & International Codes
• Concrete Frame Design for Many Domestic & International Codes
• Composite Beam Design for American, British & Canadian Codes
• Concrete Shear Wall Design for American, British & Canadian Codes
• Design for Static and Dynamic Loads
• Member Selection and Optimization
• Automatic Tributary-Area Live Load Reduction
• Graphical Section Designer for Complex and Built-Up Shapes
Product:CSI Etabs 9.7.1
Size:307 MB