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Cype 2011b

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New CYPE modules

Advanced design of surface foundations

The Advanced design of surface foundations module complements the Footings and Pile caps modules when these are used in CYPECAD. Allows for the design of foundations with footings and pile caps with special element intersections (strap and tie beam intersections), geometry trimming of footings, and application of line, point and surface loads on footings, pile caps and strap and tie beams. In the case of Metal 3D, this module only allows for trimming of the footing geometry to be carried out.

Joints V. Flat trusses with hollow structural sections

The Joints V. Flat trusses with hollow structural sections module for CYPECAD, its Integrated 3D structures and Metal 3D, carries out an automatic analysis and design of coplanar hollow structural section connections, like those which are usually provided in flat trusses. Even though the first version of the module only includes welded connections with circular sections, more features will be incorporated including bolted connections, rectangular and square hollow sections, channels welded in a box and the necessary combinations for this type of structures.
Product:Cype 2011b
Size:1.8 GB