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QMSys Threads and Gauges provides thread data on
pitch diameters, major diameters, gage data, part
data, helix angles, product and gage tolerances,
crest and root flats, wire sizes, constants, and
just about anything on threads one needs to know.
The software assists users in the following
* Thread measurement and control – determining the
nominal and limit sizes of external and internal
* Gauge inspection – determining the nominal and
limit sizes of working, setting and check ing
thread gauges
* Product design – selection of threaded joints.

Advantages of the QMSys Threads and Gauges software
* Thread sizes which are not listed in the
standards, special deviations and tolerances.
* Automatic corrections for workpiece and gauge
coatings, statistic and arithmetic tolerance
* Computation of the limiting values of the outcome
from the pitch diameter measurements using
spherical or cylindrical probing elements and two-
or three point measurements (Three Wire Method) by
the method described in the publication \”EA ?
10/10 Guidelines on the Determination of Pitch
Diameter of Parallel Thread Gauges by Mechanical
* Information is provided in both inches and
* Customers can provide themselves or adapt the
templates for reports, specifications and other
documents by means of a text processing software.
* Implementation of custom screw threads and gauges.
Size:10 MB