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StrucPLUS v8.0.0.9

StrucPLUS is a complete set of powerful tools related solely to the preparation of Structural Engineering drawings and is probably the best value software you will ever buy in terms of productivity for price.
* Choose StrucPLUS if you need an easy to use comprehensive set of tools to speed your structural drafting to the max. Users commonly report greater than 100% productivity increase over AutoCAD alone.
* More than 6000 users of this software have elevated StrucPLUS to the industry preferred software for Consulting Structural Engineers.
StrucPLUS for full AutoCAD is a suite of powerful parametric modules that use dialog box driven commands and macros related solely to the preparation of Structural Engineering drawings. The basic product includes the following 7 modules:

1. SPTools
Introduces standardisation of the initial drawing setup, easy to edit colour, linetype, layer and font configurations, a large suite of drafting utilities, symbols and tools.

2. SPConcrete
Generates reinforced concrete beam sections & elevations, reinforced concrete columns, footings and pile caps, suspended slab framing plans, precast concrete panels, prestressed tendon layouts & beam elevations, plan and slab section reinforcement, reinforced concrete & masonry retaining walls, slab on ground plan & details, schedules, concrete stairs, concrete and masonry walls, and miscellaneous concrete symbols. This module complies with U.S.A., Australian, British and New Zealand Concrete Codes.

3. SPCivil
Provides tools to aid in the drafting of pits on plan, drainage lines, pit schedules, batter lines and spot level indicators. A split scale longitudinal section tool complete this module and provides a supplement to the normal structural related tools included in this total application.

4. SPTimber
Provides tools for stump and bearer layout routines, floor joist layout and design in accordance with the design tables from AS1684 – Light Timber Framing Code, lintel placement and typical base brickwork and timber construction details.

5. SPSteelwork
Includes all common steelwork members in section, elevation & plan for North American, Australian, South American, Japanese and British – sections, cleats and connections, steel framing plans and elevations, stairs, schedules and truss elevations. Australian, British, Japanese, North and South American rolled sections are supported.

6. SPDetailer
The structural steelwork shop detailing module including draft marking plans, holding down bolt layout plans, floor beams, rafters, columns, bracing beams, struts, stairs, handrails, cleats, bracing gussets and automatic material list extraction.

7. SPPrecast Basic
For the detailing of precast concrete panel design and shop drawings. This suite of tools will automatically calculate the panel centre of gravity, lifting requirements, weight, area and concrete volume. A cad accurate model is created of all elevations including all panels and their fitments. Once complete the drafter can then use the Shop Detail function to automatically place the desired panel onto a drawing sheet. All dimensions and panel quantities are placed around the panel in a matter of seconds with only a few moments of clean up work required.

You may use this software for evaluation purposes only.
If you like it, it is strongly suggested you buy it to support the developers.
By any means you may not use this software to make money or use it for commercial purpose.
Product:StrucPLUS v8.0.0.9