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ZEMAX 2009.06.09

EMAX is Powerful, Accurate and Easy to Use Software for all Aspects of Optical System Design

ZEMAX is the software that optical engineers and designers around the world choose for lens design, illumination, laser beam propagation, stray light, freeform optical design and many other applications. ZEMAX leads the industry in technical power, ease of use and proven accuracy. Whatever kind of optical system design problem you have, ZEMAX can help.
New General Features

1. The code that exports graphics windows as BMP and JPG files has been dramatically improved, and now produces better bitmaps in far less time than the original code. See also What is the Best Graphics Format to Export As.

2. The CAD Export feature now uses better default spline settings for more accurate representations in STEP, SAT and IGES formats.
New Sequential Features

1. The ZEMAX Black Box surface is now available in ZEMAX-SE.

2. The Grid Sag surface now supports Zernike Standard Sag terms.
New Non-Sequential Features

1. Polar Detectors now support Directivity plots, like so:
Product:ZEMAX 2009.06.09