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Tripos Sybyl-X 1.1

Computational Informatics Software for Molecular Modelers

Straight Talk About Discovery Research
Whether you are looking for the next new breakthrough drug, the next generation in pesticides, the most exciting new flavor or fragrance, or any other molecular discovery project, we know what you’re up against. You have enormous pressure to produce results, in a very short period of time.   SYBYL®-X enables processes and decision-making that you control, not a onesize-fits-all confining approach. With SYBYL you look at molecular structures and properties in a manner that is designed to:

  • produce and optimize lead candidates
  • save time in your processes
  • smooth and simplify workflows
  • accelerate the pace of discovery
  • lower your cost of ownership

New in SYBYL-X 

The SYBYL-X 1.1 release provides molecular modelers with significant improvements in usability, providing a far more intuitive modeling experience and reducing by half the number of mouse clicks and by more than half the mouse travel needed for basic molecule visualization and manipulation!  Particularly noteworthy enhancements in the new SYBYL-X include: 

  • A new selection model that allows actions on selected entities
  • Enhanced, simplified menu systems for frequently used functions
  • Significantly updated toolbar system
  • Context sensitive (right-click) menus
  • Enhanced session saving capabilities
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