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esigned specifically for the telecommunications industry, RISATower automates much of the tower analysis and design required by the TIA/EIA 222 Standard. RISATower analyzes towers using the ANSI/TIA-222-G (2005) standard or any of the previous TIA/EIA standards back to RS-222 (1959). Steel design is checked using the AISC ASD 9th Edition or the AISC LRFD specifications.

RISATower can analyze and design 3- and 4-sided guyed and self-supporting towers and either round or tapered ground mounted poles with or without guys. RISATower contains unique features such as True Cable behavior, hog rod take-up, foundation stiffness and much more. RISATower may export complete model files to RISA-3D for added analysis and design flexibility.

With exhaustive manufacturer databases and a familiar spreadsheet layout, it’s easy to quickly create and customize any tower. The tabbed interface neatly organizes every aspect of the model from segments and guys to feedlines and appurtances.

What’s New in Version 5.4

  • Added Canadian Standard CSA S37-01
  • Added Surface Mounted cables for monopoles
  • Added Load patterns for guyed monopoles per TIA-222G 3.6.2