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Rocscience RocFall 4.052

RocFall is a statistical analysis program designed to assist with assessment of slopes at risk for rockfalls. Energy, velocity and \”bounce height\” envelopes for the entire slope are determined by the program, as is the location of rock endpoints. Distributions of energy, velocity and bounce-height are also calculated along the slope profile; Distributions can be graphed and comprehensive statistics are automatically calculated.

Version 4.052 – November 30 2009

1. Improved CRSP import.
2. Added documentation for how to duplicate CRSP results.
3. Can now choose to display Imperial US energy units in ft-lbs.
4. If three vertices were collinear, and a barrier was on the second vertex, the rock paths were incorrectly calculated.
5. When Slope roughness was used, the modified slope angle was not being used for the calculation of exit velocities in the x and y direction. The actual slope angle was being used. The modified slope angle is now used for both entrance and exit velocity calculations.
6. Can now plot height above slope when plotting bounce height through collectors and barriers. Use the right-click option to subtract slope height from Y elevation.
7. New Help System.
product:Rocscience RocFall 4.052