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Tebis CAD 3.4 R3

Tebis CAD/CAM stations are tailored to the special needs of die, mold and pattern manufacturers. We can combine different CAD and CAM modules on the same Tebis workstation, depending on your range of functions and components. While Tebis systems consisting of only CAD stations or only CAM stations are available, over 85 % of all our workstations worldwide have a combined CAD/CAM design. 

Advantages of the combined workstations include:

  • Check the quality of imported surface and solid data in seconds
  • Correct inaccuracies quickly and with a minimum of fuss
  • Add all necessary components quickly and easily
  • Design complete die layouts based on CAD product data
  • Combine surface and solid data using any digitized data (meshes)
  • Fully automatic or interactive calculation of all necessary milling strategies
  • Reuse intermediate NC processing results such as updated blanks in CAD processes
  • Calculate high-precision milling programs that are suitable for high-speed cutting (HSC)
  • Feature-supported NC programming for 2.5D drilling and milling

Product:Tebis CAD 3.4 R3